Sydney’s Best Balinese Food

Indonesian cuisine may not be one which automatically comes to mind when making a decision on where to go for a nice meal, but anyone who has been to Indonesia and has managed to find a way past the multitude European, Chinese and Thai food options available, will know that the local food is rich with flavour and full of options for even the pickiest of eaters.  I discovered Teras Bali when looking for a pre-theatre dining option for a night at Sydney Theatre Company to see if it was possible to get authentic Indonesian cuisine in Sydney, I decided to give it a go.

We were warmly greeted at the door by very friendly and accommodating staff and were seated by the window, with a view of the wharf.  The first thing that struck me about Teras Bali was its prices, which didn’t appear to reflect the Walsh Bay address.   The average price for a meat-based main course was $17 and the vegetarian options all came in at under $12!  I couldn’t resist checking the full dinner menu to see if these were just pre-theatre specials.  No, the prices were the same on the full menu.  The full dinner menu of course contains more options than the pre-theatre, and also has a more expensive section called “barbecue” which has average prices of $26 per main.  Corkage at Teras Bali is pricey at $10 per bottle, but the drinks list is quite varied with wines by the glass starting at $6.50 and bottles at $35.  Cocktails are $15.

Teras Bali is quite particular about how its pre-theatre menu works and insists on all food coming out at the same time.  I have no issue with this for a pre-theatre.  In fact, I’m a stresser when it comes to being on time for a show or event, so it suited me quite well.  We ordered Sambal Tahu Tempe (tofu, soybean meat & eggs in chilli sauce), Gulai Kambing (braised lamb in mild curry sauce) and Babi Masak Cabai Hijau (stir fried pork in green chilli sauce.  The tofu in the Sambal Tahu Tempe was perfectly fried and beautifully soft in the centre.  The soybean meat and eggs were texturally charming and added a further depth to the dish.  The stir fried pork was surprisingly tender, in a fresh peppery sauce.  The braised lamb fell apart at fork and was rich in flavour, balanced out by the boiled egg and potato in the dish.  Each dish was unique and full of flavour.  Together they were a delight to the senses.

For dessert we ordered the Bubur Ketan Hitam (black sticky rice porridge with coconut cream and jackfruit). The rice was cooked perfectly with a nice crunch and the coconut cream was subtle and smooth.  The only possible improvement could have been more jackfruit to round out the sweetness of the dish, but other than that it was a very pleasant way to finish off a meal. We drank a Seppelt “Stony Peak” Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon with our meal.  The staff were very friendly and the service prompt and efficient.  I would return for either pre-theatre or a full meal.  Teras Bali also has a special lunch menu and seating out on the wharf to enjoy the view on a sunny day.  RG.

Teras Bali, Shop 2 17 Hickson Road (Pier 6-7), Walsh Bay

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